Frequently Asked Questions

What does my child have to wear to play soccer?

Your child must have shin guards and soccer shoes to play for Brock Soccer Club. Shorts, shirts and socks are paid for by the sponsor. Insurance rules do not allow players to play without proper equipment or play if they are not registered.

What are the Brock Soccer Club’s Rules & Regulations?
  Laws of the game can be found (in PDF format) here

Can my child wear jewellery?

Under the rules of FIFA (Federal International Football Association) & OSA (Ontario Soccer Association) & DRSA (Durham Region Soccer Association) a player MUST NOT wear anything that is dangerous to himself or another player - including any jewellery. Any player found to be wearing jewellery (earrings, bracelets etc) will be asked to remove it or sent off the field.

What are Brock Soccer Club's screening Policies for Coaches and Officials?

A copy of BSC's Screening Policy can be downloaded (in PDF format) here

What is Brock Soccer Club's refund policy?

A copy of BSC's refund policy can be found (in PDF format) here

How will my child be notified of what team they are on?

You will receive a call from your child's coach about one week before the season begins. Coaches will arrange a team meeting and provide uniforms and schedules.

How do you pick the teams?

Each team is made up of an equal number of boys and girls, and names are drawn out of a hat. The only exception is sponsors children and siblings. The club will consider, but not guarantee, matching specific players, subject to availability.

Does my child need to be vaccinated to play?

Effective March 1st, 2022 the Government of Ontario has announced it is lifting proof of vaccinations requirements for all sports at this time. For more information on this click HERE

 Where can I find a map of the different fields and their numbers?

Field Maps are included in the schedules found HERE

What’s with all of this “PDF” stuff? How do I open these files!?
To open PDF files, you need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. If you don’t have it, get it here for free!

What is “Jump Start – Canadian Tire Foundation for Families”, and is my child eligible?
Jump Start is a community based charitable program designed to help kids participate in sports and recreational activities. The program is delivered by a nationwide network of Local Chapters which are made up of many different organizations. For more information about the Jump Start Program, click here

The Jump Start program is available to children and youth ages 4-18 years, who are interested in sports and/or recreational activities. All Boys & Girls Clubs sports programs are eligible for Jump Start, and no proof of need is required. Jump Start accepts requests during two sessions throughout the year: January to June; July to November. You may only submit one request per child per session, up to a total of two submissions per year.

What is "Their Opportunity Minor Sports Corporation"?

Their Opportunity exists to provide families who can't afford to enroll their children in local sports programs the means to do so. They believe that giving a child an opportunity to play sports will not only get them active but develop their character, social and life skills. Children that receive funding are required to "pay it forward" through Their Opportunity's give back program. For more information click here